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Over The Years 2 CD Set

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30-song collection spotlights Nash's best known songs from the past 50 years and includes more than a dozen unreleased demos and mixes! 
Track List
Disc One
“Marrakesh Express” 
“Military Madness” 
“Immigration Man” 
“Just A Song Before I Go” 
“I Used To Be King” *
“Better Days” *
“Simple Man” 
“Teach Your Children” 
“Lady Of The Island” 
“Wind On The Water” 
“Our House” 
“Wasted On The Way” 
“Chicago/We Can Change The World” 
“Myself At Last” 
* Previously unreleased mixes
Disc Two: The Demos
“Marrakesh Express” – London, 1968 
“Horses Through A Rainstorm” – London, 1968 
“Teach Your Children” – Hollywood, 1969 
“Pre-Road Downs” – Hollywood, 1969 
“Our House” – San Francisco, 1969 
“Right Between The Eyes” – San Francisco, 1969 *
“Sleep Song” – San Francisco, 1969 *
“Chicago” – Hollywood, 1970 *
“Man In The Mirror” – Hollywood, 1970
“Simple Man” – Hollywood, 1970
“I Miss You” – San Francisco, 1972
“You’ll Never Be The Same” – San Francisco, 1972
“Wind On The Water” – San Francisco, 1975
“Just A Song Before I Go” – San Francisco, 1976
“Wasted On The Way” – Oahu, 1980 
Previously unreleased demo versions